China First, India Next, Japan Last
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Last week, I wondered which Asian power is most likely to succeed the U.S. as the world's leading power in the distant future. A think tank started by an interested observer, the government of Israel, has been wondering the same thing, too. The Jewish People Policy Planning Institute writes in 2030: Alternative Futures for the Jewish People:
”The rise of Asian states, particularly China and India, may be very significant from a Jewish perspective since Asian countries do not share the Biblical religions and traditions, and therefore, have a radically different view of Judaism and the Jewish People than Christian and Islamic countries. Also, they do not have significant Jewish communities. This provides unprecedented opportunities for a Jewish global grand-strategy, as proposed in a JPPPI paper on upgrading relations between the Jewish People and China.”

The JPPPI's priorities among Asian states are:

The first initiative focuses on China ... The next initiative will focus on India, and Japan will be considered at a later date.

So, that sounds like a pretty good way to bet: 1. China 2. India 3. Japan.

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