Chicago's Steve Chapman Hears From Border Residents, But He Should Know That Chicago Itself Is Going Mexican
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Chicago libertarian Steve Chapman,  [email him] who has been featured in commentary before, takes to the virtual pages of the Examiner to say that amnesty is no big deal:

To hear opponents tell it, you don't want to be standing along the U.S. border when an immigration reform bill becomes law. Millions of foreigners who were previously content in their native lands will hear about it, pack a bag and storm across the U.S. border, trampling anyone unlucky enough to be in the way.Steve Chapman: False alarms on amnesty , January 30, 2013 | 6:00 pm

Of course, he hears from Texas and Arizona residents in the comments:


SHREDIT19 hours ago

Family has a ranch on Texas-Mex border. Signs that many hundreds or more illegals per month are attempting or are actually crossing onto the ranch, leaving their filth scattered everywhere, breaking into buildings, contaminating livestock tanks, etc. Don't tell me that when the amnesty bell rings they won't be pouring over the border. Reality is much, much different than perception.

CactusWren  • 15 hours ago
Check out Nothing has changed since those videos were made.

"the chances of arrest are high" is utter BS. DHS has NO CLUE how many are crossing and they rarely catch anyone. The cameras on Border Invasion Pics rarely caught BP agents... and they were usually a day late.

This is not necessarily the fault of the agents as BP management does everything it can to impede them, and I've talked to enough agents to know they are often told not to pursue. Being a BP agent has become "just another goverment job".

Yes, it's true they often pay thousands to coyotes to guide them across. Not too many people I know could come up with that much money, so the mantra that "they're just poor people looking for a better life" doesn't fly with me.

I live on the AZ border. The word is out and we're seeing an increase here, too.

But Chapman shouldn't need to hear from border residents about the Mexican invasion. He lives in Chicago, which is now 28 percent Hispanic.

In 2003, Herbert London of the Hudson Institute stopped at a gas station on the outskirts of Chicago to ask directions to Midway airport, and couldn't find anyone who spoke enough English to tell him:

"After traveling in the wrong direction for about five miles I decided to ask for help at a gas station.  As soon as I started to speak, I realized the attendant did not speak English.  I went on to another gas station where I encountered the same problem, then another and another.  After seven stops, I finally relented.  In pidgin Spanish, I pleaded for assistance…. All through this experience I kept asking myself in what nation was I traveling.  I am persuaded I was actually in Little Mexico, a colony of Big Mexico."[Looking for America in Chicago, by Herbert I. London,, October 14, 2003]

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