Chicago: Fake Academic Powerhouse, Jones College Prep, is a Leftwing/Black Supremacist Political Clubhouse
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Breitbart’s Kyle Olson reports that Chicago's Jones College Prep, where the anti-Second Amendment indoctrination session in the video took place, is both 57.1 percent black and Hispanic and, according to U.S. News & World Report, one of the Top 100 high schools in the country. If the demographics are accurate, then U.S. News is lying. It would be impossible for a school with such demographics to be a Top 100 high school. Keep in mind that this is Chicago, not Miami; the Hispanics are not Cubans, but Mexican, and Central and South American mestizos. If U.S. News would put Jones College Prep on its Top 100 list, one has to question the rest of the list’s integrity, as well.

And then there’s “Social Justice Week.” It’s hard for me to conceive of a school full of future Einsteins hosting such a spectacle. Such schools may be run by leftists, but not at such a crude level.

Now look at the videotape. The speaker, Camille Williams, of the Black Star Project, is not only a liar, but a gibbering idiot.

The NRA never said any of the things she quotes them as having said.

Williams also jumbled together two killings, of Siretha White and Starkesia Reed. I’m not a Chicagoan, and yet I was able to determine that in less than a minute of googling.

Williams’ rejoinder to a student’s contention that people should have gun rights, is that children who don’t have gun rights are “being targeted,” but that’s a bald-faced lie, and would be irrelevant, even if it were true. The two cases she confounded were of kids who were not targeted, but who were shot and killed by bullets aimed at someone else. And almost all underaged victims targeted by gangbanging Chicago gunslingers were themselves gangbanging Chicago gunslingers. The Second Amendment applies neither to gangbangers nor to children. How would that bolster her “argument”?

And what of Williams’ “principle”? Her position is that because some criminals violate the law, law-abiding citizens’ rights must all be repealed. In that case, the rights to drive vehicles, drink, attend school, have children, and every other conceivable right must be repealed, for every legal right is violated by someone.

The second speaker is Phillip Jackson, former Chief of Education under former Mayor Richard Daley. Jackson tells the kids, “Ms. Clark [?] has said that there is a system of apartheid here in America.”

For Jackson, the fact that more black men are in jail than in college somehow “proves” that America is a white-dominated apartheid state.

The name “Black Star” alludes to the “Black Star [steam ship] Line” of genocidal black supremacist Marcus Garvey (1887-1940), the founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association and the Back-to-Africa movement. Garvey strove toward a racial Armageddon, in which blacks would wipe all whites off the face of the earth. When Phillip Jackson and Ms. Clark speak of “a system of apartheid,” they mean that all whites have yet to be enslaved or annihilated.

Phillip Jackson and Camille Williams support “gun control” legislation, not because they wish to see an end to violence, but because such laws would confiscate guns from law-abiding white citizens, while leaving racist, black gangbangers unaffected. The dream of genocidal black supremacy has for generations been to organize all black gangs, and use them to wipe out all whites.

It will be Mayor Daley II’s everlasting shame that he freely consorted with genocidal black supremacists.

This is today’s Chicago, folks.

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