Charlottesville Witch Hunt Continues: A Roundup
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Earlier: Democrat Communist Coup Intensifies: Soros Prosecutor Jim Hingeley Indicts Charlottesville Tiki Torch Demonstrators—Six Years (!) Later

Last month I reported on that Soros-backed Charlottesville prosecutor Jim Hingeley had secured an unknown number of sealed indictments for felony charges against participants in the famous tiki-torch march of August 11, 2017. Three men were arrested—Tyler Bradley Dykes of Bluffton, SC; Dallas Medina of Ravenna, OH; and Will Zachary Smith of Nacona, TX. One of those three men, Dykes, was denied bond. He is expected to appear in court again in June. 

Since then, two more indictments for felony burning of an object with the intention to intimidate—with a possible five-year sentence—have been unsealed: William McAfee Williams, also of Nacona, TX, and Ryan Roy of Vermont. Roy briefly made headlines when he was doxed and fired from his job at a pizza restaurant shortly after the rally in 2017. 

The two men from Nacona, Smith and Williams, are alleged to have been acting as bodyguards for podcaster Robert “Azzmador” Ray. Ray has been a fugitive since he was charged with maliciously releasing gas at the torch demonstration in 2017, though he continues to broadcast and post to social media. Smith had also been charged in 2017 with releasing gas, but that charge was dropped on May 3, 2023 in exchange for a guilty plea for the object-burning charge. Smith was released on bond and is expected to be sentenced in August. Williams, who lives with his wife and seven small children, was denied bond. 

Attempts by activists to identify Unite the Right participants are ongoing, and criminal charges are not the only method communists use to persecute their political enemies. This week it was reported that the Massachusetts Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission decertified former police officer and UTR attendee John Donnelly, precluding him from ever again working for law enforcement in any capacity [Ex-cop decertified for alleged role in Charlottesville rally, by Mark Pratt, AP, May 9, 2023].  This is the first time the POST commission, which was created in part as a response to the George Floyd protests, has issued such a decertification. As with the suspension of Professor Chris Healy of Furman, Donnelly was not accused of violence or any other wrongdoing, only of attending the perfectly legal but disfavored event. 

Struggle sessions continue for law-abiding dissident activists. Meanwhile, Eleanor Hunton Hoppe, ex-wife of Judge Joel C. Hoppe, who oversaw much of the post-UTR litigation, was arrested for pedophilia with charges so salacious they made international headlines [EXCLUSIVE: Socialite mom, 45, is arrested in child porn sting at Virginia hotel where she allegedly planned to sexually abuse eight-year-old girl. Now federal judge ex-husband launches court battle to win full custody of their daughters —aged 10 and 12, Daily Mail, April 21, 2023]. And Roberta Kaplan, the lead attorney for the farcical Sines v. Kessler lawsuit (in which communist agitators claimed to have been traumatized by the permitted rally goers they attacked), has been occupied with another nakedly political abuse of the courts, Donald Trump’s sex abuse trial



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