Charity And The Illegal Alien
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Amazingly, some charities, in a season when Americans are suffering a major economic downturn which was more or less caused by illegal aliens, some charities are starting to check, in certain cases, that they're not giving money to illegal aliens. This has naturally caused a certain amount of harrumphing in the illegal alien friendly blogs. See According to Some Charities, the Undocumented are on Santa's Naughty List | VivirLatino, and Citizens-Only Santa Coming to A Charity Near You | RaceWire.

I didn't know that there was a blog called RaceWire—apparently it's a respectable thing to call a blog if it's "The ColorLines Blog on Race and Politics."

My feeling about the charity thing is that for illegal aliens stranded in America, and far from home at Navidad, charity should consist of a fund to provide one-way tickets home, where they can be succored by their families, friends and neighbors.

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