Central Americans Already Have Their Amnesty
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This may not have been widely reported, given the necessary attention to the Senate Sell-Out, but the Bush Administration just gave amnesty to over a quarter of a million Central American illegal aliens . A UPI article reports a Washington Post article in reporting that

"the Bush administration is granting temporary protection for 312,000 Central Americans. "

It's actually an extension to a previous amnesty, as the UPI points out:

" Temporary amnesty has been granted for the last decade to illegal immigrants from Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador because of devastating earthquakes and hurricanes there..."

And why was the amnesty extended? "...the Department of Homeland Security said it would extend the amnesty because conditions in those countries have not improved enough for the immigrants to return home. Collapsed bridges have been rebuilt and flattened crops replanted, but the economies of the three largely impoverished countries rely heavily on the nearly $10 billion sent from relatives working in the United States...That loss of income combined with the return of several hundred thousand jobless and homeless immigrants would further devastate the countries, their diplomats told the Post. "

Hmm, so when do you think these countries will ever be ready to receive their people back? When earthquakes and hurricanes stop occurring? When their diplomats tell us they're finally ready?

The title of the UPI article, by the way is "Central Americans get 'temporary' amnesty" so I think UPI gets it.

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