Central American Foreign Ministry Officials Inspecting Illegal Alien Holding Facilities to See If They're Good Enough
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The majority of the kids (children and adolescents) now storming our southern border are from the three Central American nations of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. (Although about 25% are from Mexico, they're under a different status).

The three Central American nations have sent a joint delegation to inspect a few holding facilities and make sure that they're up to snuff. That puts even more pressure on us—will our facilities be approved by these meddling foreign dignitaries?

El Universal, Mexico's paper of record, reports that high-ranking foreign ministry officials of these three nations are visiting detention centers at McAllen, Texas and Artesia, New Mexico, where Central American kids are held. The visits are to end by July 30th.

The group is headed by the Vice-minister of Foreign Relations of Honduras, the Vice-Minister of Foreign Relations of El Salvador, and the Vice-Chancellor of Guatemala.

Their assignment is "to verify the respect of human rights of the Central American unaccompanied migrant minors who are staying in shelters and seclusion centers".

The Salvadoran Vice-Minister of Foreign Relations, Liduvina Magarin, said she wanted "to verify the conditions of the Salvadoran children and adolescents...to see that their human rights are respected and that due process is guaranteed to them."

So what if these officials don't think our facilities are up to standard? Well, if they're not satisfied, they could take charge of the kids themselves and take them home.

What if, for example, the Guatemalan officials showed up at McAllen, and U.S. officials already had all the Guatemalan kid detainees lined up, they were marched out the door and turned over to the Guatemalan officials? Can you imagine the looks on their faces?


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