Census Bureau on 2014 Voter Turnout: Hispanic Rage Over Immigration Peters Out Yet Again
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In 2013-2014, we were informed over and over that if the Republicans in the House didn’t pass the Gang of Eight’s amnesty comprehensive immigration reform, the tidal wave of Hispanic electoral rage would sweep away the stale pale male GOP.

But then that didn’t happen in the November 2014 election.

The Census Bureau has finally gotten around to releasing the data from its biennial survey of voter turnout, which shows just how much Hispanic-American citizens cared about the immigration issue: only 27.0% of potential Hispanic voters bothered to show up at the polls last November. (Asian-American turnout was even worse at 26.9%).

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Hispanics made up 7.3% of all voters in 2014, up from 5.3% in the 2002 midterm election, but down from the 8.4% in more glamorous 2012 Presidential election.

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