Catch An Illegal Immigrant: College Republicans Vs. RNC
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Hmm...I don't know what remains in the "guts" department when the Republican National Committee (RNC) takes issue with the College Republicans.

Let me explain: The leadership of any national political committee needs organizations such as those organized by college students and/or young people e.g. College Republicans and Young Republicans. Why? Because they are the very best source of grass roots work—people on the ground willing to walk door-to-door day after day handing out flyers, reminding people to vote and basically volunteering for all of the grunt jobs nobody else is willing to do.

Did I mention they are (for the most part) volunteers. As in, candidates don't have to pay them.

Smart candidates (as well as the national parties) take very good care of these people.

Some time ago, several College Republican groups started an annual event called "Catch An Illegal Immigrant Day" at various campuses throughout the nation. Not surprisingly, the response has been hyper critical and of course accusations of racism are abundant.

The idea is this: A handful of people volunteer to be INS agents and their objective is to track down another volunteer wearing a badge that says "Illegal Immigrant". The first volunteer INS agent to find the target wins $50.

Catch An Illegal Immigrant is obviously designed to raise awareness about the illegal immigration problem in America and to get young people talking...about solutions.

This year, NYU participated in the festivities.

Many NYU Students Not Having 'Immigrant' Game, College Republicans End Up Rubbing Many The Wrong Way by Tanya Rivero WCBS

Here are some of the responses from the crybaby students:

"It makes me very upset because they are making a game out of such a serious issue," NYU junior Xinia Bermudez said. "They don't know the hardships that my mom endured."

"It's giving people a bounty to go find the immigrants," senior Francisco Guzman said. "Really, it's promoting persecution."

"There are much better ways of promoting discussion and dialogue," junior Natalia Ospina said. "It's hurtful to me, and I'm definitely not an undocumented immigrant. My family is all documented as well, but I think it is very hurtful, very hurtful."

Even worse, according to the article, "Republican student groups on other campuses have played "Catch The Illegal Immigrant." In some cases the game sparked just as much controversy, prompting the Republican National Committee to denounce it."

Persecution? They don't know the hardships his mother endured?

Oh please!! We have to put up with the immigrant lobby flying foreign flags all over kingdom come, translating the national anthem into Spanish and cramming a seemingly endless list of costly entitlements down our throats every single day.

Well I would call it hurtful. More to the point, I could say they don't know what my family endured...and by that I mean what they endured (and continue to endure) to keep America free enough for them to fly their foreign flags.

But guess what? Nobody cares...Americans defending their heritage is racism—immigrants defending theirs is a God-given right.

But back to my original point: It does not surprise me that the illegal immigration lobby is having kittens over this game but it angers me to no end that the RNC would feel the need to denounce the efforts of the College Republicans.


Good luck in 2008 without the College Republicans, RNC. You won't get far...

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