Carrie's Nation's Prof. Kennedy: Follow the Money
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A blogger called Androcass was stimulated by Carrie's Nation's excellent essay on the H-1B scandal to do some digging on Professor Robert Kennedy, the worker-import/job-export booster whose Op-Ed piece spurred CN into action. (Kennedy heads an outfit called the William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan.)

Androcass comments on C'sN that Professor Kennedy’s

book has been reviewed on Amazon by nine people; one is the co-writer of his blog, and three more work for him at the WDI. While one would like to think this kind of puffery (oddly enough, they were all five-star reviews) would at least be covered up, it took only a comparison of the WDI staff page to the reviewers' names.

I believe that demonstrates the commitment to objectivity and even-handedness that characterizes all of Kennedy's output.

On the Androcass blog he amplifies that Kennedy’s own blog is co-written by an apparent employee of Guardian Industries, Chaired by…William Davidson, who, "Citizen Carrie" adds
as the President and CEO of Guardian Industries... is an enthusiastic user of H-1B visas.
Androcas concludes that Kennedy
has made up his mind and is willing to cherry-pick facts to support his bought-and-paid-for notions. He's done well jumping on the offshoring wave, and he's going to ride it as long and hard as he can.

And more power to him. He can advocate offshoring while ignoring every argument that someone might present which points out possible deleterious long-term effects, and it will have no effect on his tenure, his large private consulting business to overseas and multinational corporations, his book sales.

That’s the way it goes in the Immigration reform world. The soldiers on the other side are lavishly supplied with financial incentives, as I noted here and here. will have to wait a long time for its $75Mm from William Davidson! (Help!)

But ultimately these Treason Lobby operatives will find patriotism the stronger force.

Complain to Professor Kennedy

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