Cardinal Roger Mahony (Friend of Pedophiles and Illegal Aliens) Retires from Church
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In Los Angeles, Cardinal Roger Mahony (pictured below) is retiring at age 75 from his position as the top Catholic of the Los Angeles diocese. He leaves behind a record of being a major figure in the Church's pedophile priest sex scandals and being a tireless booster for illegal aliens. He will be remembered for signing the most enormous payout by far in the Church's sex abuse lawsuits: over $600 million for the victims of priest predation. Mahony personally protected rapacious priests from the law and allowed a dozen known pedophiles to continue to work around children.

Too bad Mahony isn't going directly to jail from his big expensive cathedral, but he hunkered down successfully against criticism - which somehow never extended to the prosecutor's office. Apparently it's good to be the Cardinal.

Local Mexicans are pleased to have a genuine member of their tribe as the replacement archbishop rather than a pale panderer. The new guy, Jose Gomez, was born in Monterrey, Mexico, and he has gotten favorable reviews among many of the 70 percent of the LA diocese's five million Catholics who are hispanic.

The good news is the pedophile's defender is leaving his royal throne. The bad news is Mahony has stated his intention of dedicating his retirement years to achieving amnesty for illegal aliens.

Wouldn't gardening be a more productive hobby than shredding American society by the promotion of lawbreaking?

Cardinal Mahony Retires, ABC News, February 27, 2011

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) - Cardinal Roger Mahony retired Sunday as Archbishop of Los Angeles after nearly 50 years in the catholic priesthood.

Back in December Cardinal Mahony presided over Bishop John Steinbock's funeral service in Fresno.

Now the Hollywood native says he plans to dedicate himself fulltime to the fight for immigration reform.

But the cardinal's career will be tainted by a clergy abuse scandal that began when he was bishop of Stockton.

The scandal resulted in a $600 million settlement with more than 500 plaintiffs.

Mahony is turned 75-years old Sunday and will be succeeded by Archbishop Jose Gomez.

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