Captured Zetas Leader Had Ties to the Dallas Area
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As Mexico and the U.S. border region become more and more integrated, the Mexican drug cartels also become more integrated.

For example, cartel kingpin Edgar Valdez, aka "La Barbie", captured in 2010, was not a Mexican citizen but a Mexican-American born in Texas, and a former high school football star. (See "La Barbie" - a Mexican-American Who Made the Big Time").

On July 15th the Mexican Navy captured Zetas leader Miguel Angel Trevino, also known as Z-40. This is indeed a big catch, but in the short term it may unleash even more violence as Zetas fight each other for power and rivals from other cartels attack the Zetas.

And notice what the Dallas Morning News reports about Trevino:

Known as much for his brutality as for his binational ties, Treviño Morales, who has ties to the Dallas area...

Hmm, what are these "ties to the Dallas area"? The article explains later:

Treviño Morales came of age as a criminal in North Texas, setting deep roots in Mesquite where some family members, including his mother and sister, still live. He was born and raised in Nuevo Laredo, but moved to North Texas as a teenager. He later returned to his hometown and rose from car washer and chimney cleaner to street thug, authorities say. He has many nicknames, among them, “Death” and “Chacal,” because he was a night owl who roamed the back streets of Mexico.

He was wanted in the U.S. in connection with a 2006 double homicide in Texas and conspiracy to manufacture and distribute cocaine into the U.S. According to court documents and U.S. authorities, Treviño Morales used North Texas as his playground. Last May, his older brother Jose was convicted by a jury in Austin of money laundering. He faces up to 20 years in prison for funding a racehorse operation with millions of dollars from the Zetas. His operation was based in Lexington, Okla., and North Texas. Sentencing is set for Sept. 5.

Zetas leader captured by Mexican marines, authorities confirm, by  Alfredo Corchado, Dallas, July 15, 2013, Updated July 16, 2013

Just think. If our political elite are able to foist another amnesty upon us, how many Barbies and Z-40s will be eligible?

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