Captain Renault would be proud of Illinois Rep. William Delgado
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August 26, 2006, 01:27 AM
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Think back to the scene in Casablanca when the "shocked" Capt. Renault (Claude Rains) orders Rick`s Cafe Americain closed upon "learning" that gambling was going on there but then thanks a cafe employee who hands him his winnings for the evening. Fast-forward to Aug. 23, 2006, when Ill. State Rep. William Delgado says he was taken aback by Cook County Commissioner Roberto Maldonado`s statement that he wants to make Cook a "sanctuary for immigrants.” “I am very concerned as a state legislator not to send the wrong message to perpetuate illegal immigration,” said Delgado. But Delgado has repeatedly supported legislation giving driver`s licenses to the state`s 400,000 illegals and last year voted for the bill, which later became law, recognizing as acceptable ID foreign consular cards like Mexico`s matricula. No matter how much time goes by, kid, we`ll always have sharply-dressed, two-faced, CYA politicians like Delgado who know when not to stick out their necks for nobody. . .