Capitalist Fronts
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What's the story behind SEIU union boss and media darling Andy Stern, the most frequent visitor to the Obama White House, being forced out by his own union? It's remarkable that they let the bad feelings slip out. You would think that all parties concerned would phrase it as, "Now that ObamaCare has passed, Andy Stern has decided that he would like to spend more time with his family."
Stern has long followed a quantity over quality strategy of signing up as dues-paying members huge numbers of poorly paid Hispanics. About once a decade, he wins for them a janitors' strike in one city (LA in the 1990s, Houston in the 2000s), but mostly they seem to do more for Stern's reputation than Stern does for Alberto and Blanca. Stern is committed to continued political promotion of illegal immigration, which just stabs his existing members in the backs.
I don't really understand SEIU's strategy. I sometimes wonder if they are not "capitalist fronts," the opposite of the old "communist fronts." Businesses want more cheap immigrant labor so Andy signs up all the warm bodies and tells them to vote for more cheap labor.
Makes sense for Andy but I don't understand what's in it for all his Hispanic workers.
There are organizations on the left that are pretty much full time capitalist fronts. If you are a banker, and if ACORN is hassling you about not giving the boss of their local office a job at the bank, and thus marches and screams against you as racist imperiling your purchase of another bank under the Community Reinvestment Act, well, the Greenlining Institute specializes in giving you "regulatory air cover" by saying that, yes, you are fully committed to diversity, according to us, the famous social justice outfit, Greenlining. And then, maybe, you fund some Greenlining activities.
Is SEIU like that?
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