Cantor Emerges as a New Republican Spokesman, But How is He on Immigration ?
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In the budget battle over the "Stimulus", a new Republican spokesman/leader has emerged, Eric Cantor, a Jewish Republican who holds James Madison's old seat in the Virginia congressional delegation.

(See International Herald Tribune piece here).

So how is Cantor on immigration?

In their evaluation system, Numbers USA / Americans for Better Immigration give Cantor a grade of B, which is above average for the Virginia delegation.

More specifically, Cantor has a career record of A+ in the areas of Border Control, Reducing Chain Migration, Reducing the Visa Lottery, Reducing Refugee and Asylum Fraud. The congressman has an A in Interior Enforcement, though that's dropped to an A- in recent the (2006-2009) evaluation. Cantor has a career B+ in the area of rewarding illegal immigration though that's increased to A- in the recent evaluation. On the other hand, Cantor has a career grade of C in the area of amnesties, and a career F- in foreign worker visas.

Some advice for Cantor: use the current emphasis on the economy to point out repeatedly that rewarding illegal immigration has no place whatsoever in any sort of stimulus or economic improvement bill.

If you'd like to call Cantor's office and offer some advice, the congressman's phone number is (202) 225-2815.

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