Cantor Emerges as a New Republican Spokesman, But How is He on Immigration ?
February 16, 2009, 12:00 PM
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In the budget battle over the "Stimulus", a new Republican spokesman/leader has emerged, Eric Cantor, a Jewish Republican who holds James Madison`s old seat in the Virginia congressional delegation.

(See International Herald Tribune piece here).

So how is Cantor on immigration?

In their evaluation system, Numbers USA / Americans for Better Immigration give Cantor a grade of B, which is above average for the Virginia delegation.

More specifically, Cantor has a career record of A+ in the areas of Border Control, Reducing Chain Migration, Reducing the Visa Lottery, Reducing Refugee and Asylum Fraud. The congressman has an A in Interior Enforcement, though that`s dropped to an A- in recent the (2006-2009) evaluation. Cantor has a career B+ in the area of rewarding illegal immigration though that`s increased to A- in the recent evaluation. On the other hand, Cantor has a career grade of C in the area of amnesties, and a career F- in foreign worker visas.

Some advice for Cantor: use the current emphasis on the economy to point out repeatedly that rewarding illegal immigration has no place whatsoever in any sort of stimulus or economic improvement bill.

If you`d like to call Cantor`s office and offer some advice, the congressman`s phone number is (202) 225-2815.