Cannon vs. Jacob: What It Means To Us Win or Lose
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Almost two years ago to the day, VDARE.COM predicted that Utah's 3rd Congressional District Republican incumbent Chris Cannon's primary victory over under-funded and little known challenger Matt Throckmorton was a "costly victory."

That in 2004 Cannon, a four-term veteran, was forced into a primary run-off spoke volumes about his dwindling popularity.

The main reason that Cannon was unpopular then and is unpopular now even in his heavily Republican district is his advocacy, reiterated multiple times, of unlimited illegal immigration.

Based on Cannon's record, VDARE.COM proclaimed that he would remain "a tempting target" in all his future elections.

And we were right.

Now Cannon is again fighting for his life in yet another primary. His opponent this time is John Jacob. And once more immigration plays the central role in Cannon's campaign.

Jacob, a local businessman, is taking it to Cannon on the incumbent's dismal immigration record. Cannon supports amnesty. And he is using all the familiar tricks to paint Jacob as an extremist on immigration, saying in a recent debate:

"That disagreement is whether the Republican Party is going to be some kind of new xenophobic, anti-foreigner party or whether we're going be the party of a country that we're thrilled has grown."

Cannon versus Jacobs has drawn national attention because of the dueling House-Senate approaches to immigration reform. If Cannon loses, it will be because of his long-standing open-borders commitment.

Coupled with Republican Brian Bilbray's special election in California's 50th District, propelled by his anti-illegal immigration stance, a Cannon defeat would spell more bad news for those who support S. 2611, the Bush/McCain/Kennedy/Specter Amnesty-Guest Worker Immigration Acceleration proposal pushed by the White House.

President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush, leaving no stone unturned, have recorded messages played throughout the Third District encouraging Republicans to get out to vote for Cannon.

On the other hand,the Team America Political Action Committee, endorsing Jacob, has spent $50,000 in radio ads that say:

"A vote for John Jacob is a vote for cleaning up the immigration mess Chris Cannon helped make."

The race may go down to the wire. Two separate Utah polls show Cannon ahead but in one, Jacobs is within striking distance.

Whatever the outcome, here is what we need to focus on: an incumbent, Cannon, because of his immigration advocacy was forced for the second straight election into a primary run-off.

Cannon has been forced to dip significantly into his own funds to defend his outrageous statements and behavior on illegal immigration.

Like others of his ilk, Cannon is on the defensive. Whether he wins or loses, every other U.S. Congressional candidate—Republican and Democrat alike—knows what got Cannon into so much trouble.

And since they will all remember in November, we can expect to make gains in our fight for sane immigration policies.

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