Cannon: Once More Unto The Breach...
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Yes, it was a disappointment. Chris Cannon's 56/44 victory in Utah's 3rd district Congressional primary brings back sad memories of electoral moments which actually did turn around America : the Reagan '76 NC Primary for instance.

And it is annoying to endure the braying triumphalism of the other side: such as Grover Norquist's.

But a soldier must consider the field: this was a battle the other side absolutely had to win. If Cannon had been defeated, would any Republican Congressman have been willing to associate with the Kennedy-Bush Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration Bill? And how many would want to finance fending off a Jacob-like challenge?

This was a last ditch stand for Amnesty proponents. Sadly, they won.

For the Patriots, it was a great opportunity. We lost. But other chances will arise

It was of course unfortunate that this battle had to be staged in an area of America extreme in its deference to authority, and loyalty to its leaders.

How strange it is that Mormonism, that most American of religions, might well be causative in the Nation's fall.

MSM forces are now anxious to erase the concessions Cannon made to get elected. In the Internet era, that is just not possible:

Mr. Cannon now says he opposes the Senate immigration bill that would grant citizenship rights to millions of illegals. He does, however, support a "guest-worker" program that would allow illegals to remain in the country indefinitely.

"But they wouldn't get citizenship," he said.

If they give birth to children while in the U.S. as "guest workers," do they then become citizens?

"Well, yes," Mr. Cannon replied when asked by The Washington Times. "But I'm willing to address that problem."

The Immigration Blog

See this.

Cannon originally won in 1996 by attacking his Democratic incumbent opponent on immigration. So his concessions recently are worthless.

Congressmen with districts more impacted by the recent 3rd world influx, and with less deferential constituents, would be unwise not to take note - unless they want to fight expensive primaries.

Once more, unto the breach, dear friends...

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