Can We Go Home Now?
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From the Drudge Report:
We Got Him.
By the way, here's my movie review of September 26, 2001.

It turns out that Abbottabad, where OBL was living, isn't some out-of-the-way hole in the ground, it's a resort town with a golf course where the the Pakistan Military Academy is located. The Google Maps view of the town is pretty hilarious because of all the Pakistani elite institutions located in Abbottabad. It's like West Point, Annapolis, and Colorado Springs rolled into one. Clearly, the U.S. has been scammed by Pakistani authorities for years.

Abbottabad, the city where Osama bin Laden met his death on Sunday, has a long history dating from the days of British rule as a military station. It remains today the headquarters of a brigade in the Second Division of Pakistan's Northern Army Corps, and is dotted with military buildings and home to thousands of army personnel. The Associated Press says the house where bin Laden died is just 100 yards from a Pakistani military academy.
Abbottabad, which is named after James Abbott, is known as the City of Schools. Presumably, Osama was just looking for a neighborhood with good schools for his kids.

Are we going to have to declare war on Pakistan?

We've been scammed.


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