Can McCain Look Less Old the Hillary Way?
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Hillary Clinton's campaign wasn't very interesting, but one question I haven't seen discussed is a detailed look at the regimen of plastic surgery, hormone supplements, Botox, make-up and/or whatever it was that had her looking quite presentable at age 60. She came pretty close to hitting the ideal midpoint between authentic and Desperate Housewifey.

I notice that John McCain has spent some time recently with the man who is perhaps his most valuable supporter, California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. What do you think they talked about? Global warming? Health care finance reform? Perhaps, but, I dunno, I just have this sneaking suspicion that Arnold had some tips for his man on some amenable doctors in Brentwood who would write John prescriptions for human growth hormone and testosterone that would have him looking years younger in no time.

Personally, I don't think McCain needs any more testosterone than he already has.
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