California State University Long Beach: Illegals Get Special Counseling Center
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Nestor Moto, the chairman of the College Republican Club from Cal State Long Beach, appeared on Fox News to discuss the new “Dream Success Center” dedicated to serving the illegal alien students on campus. According to Moto, there are only 11 guidance counselors for the entire student body of around 28,000 individuals, yet the lawbreaking foreigners receive special treatment.
MOTO: The problem we have with this this resource center is the allocation of funds, the allocation of resources. I spoke with the Veterans Resource Center on Monday. We have 530 veterans on our campus and we have zero counselors available to them, and the undocumented immigrants have one counselor available to them and it serves 650 students. Another issue is the fact that we have 27,000 undergraduates on our campus and we only have 11 advisors.

That’s the main issue, the fact that the faculty and the administration wanted to allocate the resources and the funds to illegal immigrants instead of our veterans, instead of our disabled students, instead of our actual students who paid taxpayer dollars for this.

The decision of the university to provide extra services for lawbreaking foreigners is particularly galling since students have been forced to pay rapidly increasing tuition over the past few years.

Also, the idea that 6400 illegal alien students are taking slots that should go to state residents is outrageous at a time when the number of California kids attending state universities has fallen precipitously. Budget problems have forced the system to take higher numbers of international students who pay full tuition, but somehow there is room for thousands of moocher illegal aliens.

Campus Reform reports that there are three other counseling facilities for illegal aliens in the CSU system.

Cal State Long Beach to open center for undocumented students, Long Beach Press Telegram, March 4 2015

LONG BEACH — Undocumented students at Cal State Long Beach will get a new hub on campus Monday when the school unveils its new “Dream Success Center” inside the University Student Union.

The center will be the fourth such spot on a campus in the 23-school California State University for the system’s estimated 6,400 undocumented students, about 650 of which attend CSULB.

Other campuses include Cal State Northridge, Cal State Fullerton and Cal State Los Angeles.

The center came about after efforts from student leaders, as well as advocates for undocumented students, pushed campus officials on the issue.

In March 2014, the student government passed a resolution to support the creation of a resource center for undocumented students, and the following month, undocumented student leaders met then-Interim President Donald Para and recently appointed President Jane Close Conoley to talk about their campus-related concerns.

The Dream Success Center will provide support and services for undocumented students, including referrals to financial assistance, and information on programs and services that improve retention and graduation rates. The center will have computers available to students, and also provide career development and other academic services.

“A center serves as not only a physical space dedicated to their unique needs as students but as a commitment from the university to prioritize student success,” said Edgar Romo, CSULB’s Dream Success coordinator, in a emailed statement. “For those looking to attend California State University, Long Beach, it can signal a welcoming environment and a place of academic and personal support.”

The California DREAM Act, or Assembly Bill 540, allows people in the country illegally to pay in-state college tuition if they attended a California high school for three years and file an affidavit that they intend to establish legal residency.

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