California's Republican Party To Adopt Open Borders Platform?
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With California’s Republican Party broke, battered and beleaguered, this week’s statewide convention in San Francisco will set the stage for its future.

Years ago, RINOs took control of the GOP, assuring others that a “Big Tent” GOP was the key to success. But that circus tent was actually an open canopy, and more change agents quickly moved in for the kill. [State GOP Split As Convention Nears, By Carla Marinucci, San Francisco Chronicle, February 16, 2008] So it’s no surprise that a draft of the proposed California GOP platform reads like it was written by open-borders, pro-amnesty globalists like John McCain or the shameless Mexico-first Bible-thumper Mike Huckabee.

The platform uses terms such as “Californians”, “residents,” “families,” “parents” and “people” — encompassing undeserving illegal and legal immigrants–with a token reference to “citizens”, as it promotes the worst elements of last year’s defeated, traitorous Comprehensive Immigration Reform Senate bill which was opposed by most Republicans and at least 80 percent of Americans.[Email the California Republican Party]

This odious draft platform is sure to please the Quisling Quartet of candidates (McCain, Huckabee, Obama, Clinton) being force fed to betrayed Americans including most prominently the impostor likely to be the GOP’s candidate, McCain.

This treacherous platform, as it now reads, states that:

“We believe that all children should have access to quality education whether they matriculate to higher education….”, clearly endorsing tax-subsidized free education to illegals up through PhD, with steep in-state discounts (DREAM Act) for higher education. Massive third-world immigration has utterly destroyed quality education for citizens in a state once leading the nation in quality education.

“Parents [no mention of citizens] should be confident knowing their children are attending a school that meets their standards for academic excellence, safety, and fulfillment.” An impossible goal in schools where English is a foreign language, many parents are illiterate in their own language, truancy is cultural, and ethnic gangs terrorize teachers and students alike.

“Immigrants are vital to the success of California’s agricultural, high-tech, and other key economic sectors.” (If we need immigrants to succeed, then why is immigrant-rich California broke?)

“We support immigration policies that encourage and reward legal immigration [reward?] and that support our family values by keeping immigrant families united.” (Chain migration aka family reunification, allows one immigrant claiming a relationship — however remote — to anyone in his homeland so that an entire tribe can enter the US. Far easy to reunify the tribe by sending that lonely soul home.)

“We support increasing the quotas on the number of individuals who may legally immigrate to America.” (No reason given for increasing immigration, let’s just open the floodgates, as if they are closed!)

“We oppose any general amnesty for illegal immigrants, but encourage thoughtful solutions [?] that allow immigrants vital to our economy to have opportunities to legitimize their status through guest worker and other legal programs (Amnesty!)

“…We believe in continuing to create and uphold environmental policies for clean air and water, healthy forests and oceans, and abundant wildlife”, impossible with massive immigration, and a platform that will “encourage and reward” higher levels of immigrants with high immigrant fertility rates that now drive nearly 100 percent of all California population growth, even as citizens flee resultant conditions.

“….California families are evolving and changing, and …society is best served by supporting [paying for?] all families. Families are ENTITLED and MUST BE EMPOWERED to make fundamental choices for their members, including education, healthcare, and fundamental moral and ethical decisions.” (New entitlements and empowerment for “changing” families, at the expense of citizen-tax slaves, with no need for changing families’ to pay their own way!)

“California’s growing population and fiscal responsibility demand that infrastructure needs be properly budgeted for in every state budget.” California’s infrastructure, including roads, water and sewage treatment, levies/dams, etc. are collapsing under the weight of unbridled immigration while scarce tax dollars pay for immigrant services, not key infrastructure maintenance.

Further, this perverse proposed party platform addresses carbon emissions (deport!), job creation (deport!), sound land use policies (deport!), protecting “California families” from criminals (deport!), asserts that all “persons” be presumed innocent…(deport!), supports protecting the public from violent acts of career criminals (deport!) and providing effective anti-drug education programs (deport!), stiffer penalties for child abductions, exploitation, and abuse (deport!); domestic violence (deport!), and free political speech for Californians in a healthy and vibrant Democracy. (RINO leaders choice of the term “democracy”, a form of government the founders loathed, shows how deeply embedded and arrogant these interlopers are within the California GOP.)

Will California’s Republican delegates at the convention shake free from the chains that bind them, chains that will be tightened by the wolves encircling the sheep, or will an awakened electorate rear up and rout these traitors out? We’ll know by Monday.


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