Calderon Meets Obama, Bids Farewell to Bush
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On a recent trip to Washington, Mexican President Felipe Calderon met with outgoing U.S. President George W. Bush (on January 13th) and President-Elect Barack Obama (on January 12th). The article Obama Planea Reunir a Familias de Migrantes [El Universal, By Sergio Jimenez, January 14th, 2009] reports that:
The president-elect of the United States, Barack Obama, promised president Felipe Calderon to achieve a comprehensive migratory reform that would include family unification.
The Mexican president described Obama's stance on the issue:
Calderon reported that, despite the obstacles and difficulties in Congress and U.S. public opinion, Obama committed himself to advance in the fulfillment of a migratory law for all, without exceptions, that covers the situation of the Mexicans that are in that country.
As for raids and roundups of illegal aliens, Obama says they need to be examined. According to another El Universal piece,Ordenar?? Obama Revisar Redadas a Migrantes [El Universal, January 13th, 2009]:
The president elect of the United States, Barack Obama, said that his government would examine the roundups of illegal aliens, because he wants to be sure that that policy functions "in a humane manner."
However, Obama didn't make a firm commitment either :
Nevertheless, Obama did not make clear if his government would suspend this type of operation, according to the second part of an interview with the president elect, broadcast this Tuesday by the Univision channel.
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