Calderon Complains Mexican Deportees Commit Crimes
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Mexico’s Presidente Calderon (pictured below in the South Park style) has complained that Mexican citizens given a free trip home (courtesy of the American taxpayer) are committing crimes upon their return.


You would think he believes Mexicans have a right to be in the United States and should be allowed to stay no matter what. Such is the sense of entitlement that Washington’s permissiveness has created in Mexico.

Mexican Says U.S. Deportations Exacerbate Crime in Mexico, Latin American Herald Tribune, October 18, 2011

MEXICO CITY – President Felipe Calderon on Monday accused U.S. authorities of deporting Mexican criminals to save on judicial costs, a policy that ostensibly “exacerbates” violence in this country.

Within the framework of the inauguration of National Immigration Week 2011 in this capital, Calderon said that, for example, U.S. authorities “are deporting up to 80,000 people in a year” into the border cities of Reynosa and Ciudad Juarez.

Some of these deported people “are migrants, certainly, probably all of them,” although some were “already involved in criminal acts” in the United States.

“In the face of the dilemma of pursuing the legal process in the American courts, which implies costs for the administration of justice in that country, they simply prefer to deport them to border cities, by which the cycle of violence is exacerbated even more,” he said. 

The Mexican leader went on to say that it is “truly inhumane and scandalous” that U.S. authorities are apprehending and deporting alone and “without any protection” children as young as 6.

Those minors who cross Mexico from Central America run the risk along the way of becoming victims of “criminal bands,” are exposed to the dangers of crossing the border and, in addition, confront the security forces of the United States,” Calderon said.

“I hope authorities in other countries become aware of how aberrant it is to leave a child to his fate in our country, without guaranteeing that he can once again find his parents or relatives,” he said. EFE

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