CAIR Excuse: Sensitive Muslims Are Driven to Faking Hate Crimes by Cruel Islamophobia
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Fake hate crimes claimed by Muslims are getting to be quite a thing, to the point where spokeshuman Ibrahim Hooper of the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) felt a need to explain it away. He says the reason for all the fake hate crimes is that muslims are driven crazy by the terrible “Islamophobia” that they suffer from meanie suspicious Americans.

“Islamophobia” is a go-to excuse for any misbehavior that muslims cannot easily escape. Now we supposed to believe that “Islamophobia” makes them insane. (Remember that a phobia is an irrational fear, while some muslims really are trying to kill us.)

Say, if America is so horrible, why don’t fragile Islamics move back to the loving Ummah community in the Middle East or North Africa? There’s plenty of Islo-territory.

Below, Iraqi Kassim Al-Himidi was found guilty in San Diego of murdering his wife after blaming the death on anti-muslim haters.

JihadWatch author Robert Spencer has an update on the new twist to diverse fake hate crimes in America.

CAIR’s Hooper: US Muslims “Mental Health Issues” Cause Them to Fake Hate Crimes

Even fake hate crimes are caused by “Islamophobia.”

Here’s a new twist: the establishment propaganda media’s narrative that Muslims are always victims is breaking down with the continuing revelations that Muslims have faked “anti-Muslim hate crimes,” and so now ABC News has doubled down: Muslims are victims, you see, because they fake anti-Muslim hate crimes. They’re driven crazy by “Islamophobia,” doncha know.

“These false reports unfortunately give ammunition to the industry of Islamophobes who promote the demonization and dehumanization of Islamic Muslims,” says Hamas-linked CAIR’s Ibrahim “Honest Ibe” Hooper. “Islamic Muslims,” Ibe? Are there non-Islamic Muslims now? Anyway, note how deftly Hooper plays the victim card even in the process of being exposed for falsely playing the victim card: the fake hate crimes are not a challenge to the veracity or trustworthiness of Muslims; rather, they’re tools in the hands of the alleged “Islamophobes” who supposedly “promote the demonization and dehumanization of Islamic Muslims” — as if its demonizing and dehumanizing someone to ask him to be honest.

Hooper added that the Muslim community “is under great psychological stress and tension right now, and that that in itself can cause mental health issues that lead to these types of incidents.”

Why is the Muslim community, in Hooper’s view, “under great psychological stress and tension”? Because of all the hate crimes against Muslims, you see, which drive Muslims so crazy that they…fake hate crimes against Muslims.

How did Avianne Tan of ABC News keep from laughing right in Hooper’s face? She either kept a straight face because she is a fully indoctrinated true believer in this nonsense, or because she knew her establishment propaganda media bosses would look askance at her thinking critically in the face of Hooper’s ridiculous statements.

But it is understandable why he uttered those statements: he had to do what he could to shore up his failing narrative. Hate crimes, after all, are political capital. When real ones don’t exist, they must be invented. Hamas-linked CAIR and other Muslims have on many occasions not hesitated to stoop even to fabricating “hate crimes,” including attacks on mosques. A New Jersey Muslim was found guilty of murder that he tried to portray as an “Islamophobic” attack, and in 2014 in California, a Muslim was found guilty of killing his wife, after first blaming her murder on “Islamophobia.”

This kind of thing happens quite frequently. The New York Daily News reported that “a woman who told cops she was called a terrorist and slashed on her cheek in lower Manhattan on Thursday later admitted she made up the story, police said early Friday. The woman, who wore a headscarf, told authorities a blade-wielding wacko sliced open her face as she left a Manhattan cosmetology school, police sources said.”

We were told that a Muslim boy was attacked and beat up on his school bus in North Carolina — but a photo showed him without a scratch and no one on the bus corroborated his story. And recently in Britain, the murder of a popular imam was spread far and wide as another “Islamophobic hate crime” – until his killer also was found to be a Muslim. The Mirror reported that the imam “was targeted because he had made efforts to turn youngsters away from radical Islam.”

According to The Detroit News, a Muslim woman, Saida Chatti, was “charged with making a false police report after she allegedly fabricated a plot to blow up Dearborn Fordson High School to retaliate against the November terrorist attacks in Paris….Police say Chatti called Dearborn investigators Nov. 19, six days after Islamic extremists killed 130 people in Paris.”

And similarly in Britain, a Muslim woman was “fined for lying to police about being attacked for wearing a hijab. The 18-year-old student, known only as Miss Choudhury, said she was violently shoved from behind and punched in the face by a man in Birmingham city centre 10 days after the atrocities in the French capital on November 13.”

It is virtually certain that we have not seen the last anti-Muslim hate crime that turns out to have been faked by a Muslim. Being a victim is a coveted status in our Leftist-dominated society. Even individuals and groups who are not victims try to gain this great honor for themselves. It’s easy to understand why in light of Hooper’s statements here: once one is recognized as being part of an established victim group, the mainstream media will treat even one’s most absurd claims with respect bordering on reverence. It’s a heady status to have. It’s no wonder that Ibrahim Hooper would be fighting with everything he has to maintain that status, even as the cynicism and dishonesty of the whole enterprise has been so abundantly exposed.

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