CA Hispanic Majority (+ Bilingualism!) = Federal Taxation = Secession?
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Amid the reports that California's public schools now have a Hispanic majority was this gem:

[Hispanic] influence will only grow as Latino parents - now in the majority - realize many of the schools their children attend are underfunded, said Bruce Fuller, a professor of education and public policy at UC Berkeley.

"It turns upside down how we think about California students," he said.

"A lot depends on the extent to which Latino parents come together and organize," Fuller added. "These are parents who historically have not had much political power. But as they are coming together and feeling their oats, they may organize around education."

Latino kids now majority in state's public schools, by Will Kane, San Francisco Chronicle, November 13, 2010.

In fact, of course, the California public school system is not remotely "underfunded": it is a huge socialist sinkhole that has been captured by a rent-seeking parasite—the California Teachers Association, the teachers union. (I don't like to mix controversies, but this was the argument of my book, The Worm In The Apple, and immigration is just making things worse).

What this educrat Fuller is actually saying is that Hispanics = more taxation (some of which he wants to be spent on him). But California has already hit the fiscal wall. The next step: a federal bail-out. In effect, Americans in prudent heartland states will be forced to subsidize immigrants in improvident alien-dominated states.

Sounds like this = secession to me.

Professor Fuller has another bright idea:

Fuller, the UC Berkeley professor, suggested state educators look at language education in an entirely new way.

"If the majority of the population is becoming bilingual," he said, referring to the growing Latino population learning English, "why shouldn't the white minority also become bilingual?"

Maybe because they're Americans? And they object to Reconquista?

Advise Professor Fuller here.

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