Bye-Bye N-Word! Hello Censorship!
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It was said to be a symbolic resolution and not an actual resolution so I am not sure what we're really dealing with: Late last week, New York City Council banned the use of the "N-word" because it incites hate and something, something...racism...all the usual comments.

Is the N-word a racial epithet? Sure it is. Is it offensive to some? Sure it is. But it is also just a word.

What's interesting is that the cause of the commotion does not arise from the general direction of the White community but from Blacks—namely Black rap singers and comedians.

Councilman Leroy Comrie sponsored the umm measure? and says (because it is so often spoken by Black people to Black people) the word is self-denigrating and disrespectful of Black history.

I have absolutely no idea if there is any truth in this and I really don't it the ugliest word in the English language, I don't care! What I care about is the latest infringement on the very basic, very necessary freedom of speech that is (or used to be) guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

By eliminating the "N-Word" from social discourse, Councilman Comrie is hoping to send a message to the next generation of Americans...

Unfortunately, that message may end up being something like: Bye-Bye First Amendment, Hello Censorship!

More info here.

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