But In This Case, It IS Organized Crime
June 26, 2010, 06:13 PM
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RICO prosecutorial overreach is a big problem, but I'm not sympathetic in this case, via Overlawyered.com, where Walter Olson writes:

After Mohawk Industries settlement, many employers could be sitting ducks for suits claiming that hiring illegal workers is RICO violation [Helman, Forbes, earlier]

In 2002, I did an article about a similar suit, brought by Howard Foster, the same lawyer who won the Mohawk Industries suit, against illegal alien employer Tyson Foods, explaining that

RICO is a brutal weapon. It has been misused in the past, for example to attack political dissent.

But these suits are legitimate:

  1. A crime has been committed. If Tyson is guilty, they’ve violated the Immigration and Nationality Act in order to make money. The technical name for this is �enterprise crime� and of course, it’s �Organized Crime� even if they don’t have guns.
  2. Tyson made money from it. Tyson has 120,000 employees. (Every dollar an hour that they can lower their average wages is worth roughly a quarter of a billion dollars annually.)
  3. American workers lost money. (See above.)
  4. They’re suing.

We at VDARE.COM wish them luck.