Busy First Day Is Forecast for President-Elect Trump
December 21, 2016, 06:59 PM
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President Trump is going to have a huge mess to clean up after Obama’s final weeks of nation-wrecking sabotage, particularly in the immigration arena. As has been reported, Obama promoted open borders by reclassifying “asylum” so Central Americans escaping poverty can say the magic words about credible fear at home and thereby get welcomed as asylees even though they are just economic fleebags.

The influx of illegal aliens from Central America crossing the border has surged over the final months of Obama’s permissive rule.

In addition, the sanctuary cities harboring lawbreaking foreign criminals are signaling their faux virtue rather strenuously, and some claim they will provide millions of taxpayer dollars to lawyer up the local illegals. Hopefully President Trump will utilize the existing kill switch on sanctuary city funding on Day #1.

Democrats didn’t learn much from the election, but they did discern that their liberal mumbo-jumbo does not work on many traditional citizens in mid-America, so even more millions of big-government-favoring foreigners are needed for Dems to succeed in their nefarious schemes. As a result, Obama is herding in the maximum number of illegal aliens to vote the D-ticket in the next election and beyond. The Democrats are likely to become even more strident in their demands for increased immigration.

BILL HEMMER: A major showdown looming now on immigration: from Los Angeles, William La Jeunesse.

WILLIAM LA JEUNESSE: Right now, Bill, there are two big issues: asylum and sanctuary cities. So let’s start at the border. Right now agents are on pace to apprehend almost 600,000 illegal immigrants. That is the highest in eight years, led by the continued surge of Central Americans. In one month agents apprehended 7,000 children, 15,000 families — almost double last year, but instead of being sent home, the majority are allowed to stay, treated by this president as victims of trafficking and persecuted refugees. Where previously, administrations saw them as economic immigrants, not entitled to stay. Right now ICE is spending $100 million a year, almost $700 per immigrant, flying women and children around the US to stay with family. Until the policy changes, experts say the surge won’t stop.

The second issue: sanctuary cities. Monday, Los Angeles allocated five million taxpayer dollars to hire defense attorneys to fight any attempt to deport illegal immigrants, including those who commit crimes.

MAYOR ERIC GARCETTI: We’re saying that the good and law-abiding immigrants of Los Angeles — our family members, our friends, our neighbors — they belong here, and we will fight for them.

LA JEUNESSE: But according to the attorney general, cities cannot stop local cops from helping ICE deport illegal immigrants, and those cities are already on notice they can lose their federal money if they don’t cooperate.

CONGRESSMAN JOHN CULBERSON: The president can cut off their money at noon on January 20th of 2017 if they do not change their sanctuary policies and hand over criminal illegal aliens in their custody to be deported.

LA JEUNESSE: So the question is, will Trump, as promised in the campaign, play hardball and how that is going to play out on the border and in cities like New York and Chicago.