Business Week Exposes Bill Gates` Lies!
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Harvard's Vivek Wadhwa writes at Business Week:

"Forget the conventional wisdom. U.S. schools are turning out more capable science and engineering grads than the job market can support."

Bill Gates and other corporate welfare seekers have been claiming the US needs programs like H-1b to maintain technological leadership. In reality, these programs contribute to driving US students out of technological professions despite substantial interest in science and technology among US students. What H-1b does is subsidize dinosaurs like Microsoft that couldn't survivein a truly competitive technological economy.

"Perhaps we should focus on creating demand for the many scientists and engineers we graduate. There are many problems, from global warming to the development of alternative fuels to cures for infectious diseases, that need to be solved. Rather than blaming our schools, let's create exciting national programs that motivate our children to help solve these problems."
I personally agree we need more and better directed spending on US R&D-both in the private and public sectors. The US patent program was a good idea 200 years ago—but there are increasingly problems with how well it really rewards significant innovations.

I think US society would be healthier and stronger with fewer wealthy CEO's and fund managers—and an economic system that means technological and scientific innovators would truly prosper.

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