Bush's "New Immigrants" Shoot Up Downtown Stockton, etc
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Two of the "new immigrants" Bush said America should be "proud to welcome" injured six in a Sunday night drive-by shooting in downtown Stockton, CA.

("2 Sought in shooting that left 6 injured," Warren Lutz, The Record. May 16, 2006)

On Monday night, as Bush waxed poetic about immigration and immigrants, he told the heroic but gratuitous story of wounded Mexican marine Guadalupe Denogean. This is a favorite trick of the open borders crowd...pick one shining example and suggest that every immigrant is equally worthy.

But while Bush was polishing his speech Sunday night, two Sikhs, Pardeep Singh and Kurwant Singh Gadri shot and injured six after a Punjabi festival. The victims ranged in age from 22 to 72.

In a variation on the typical Hispanic drive-by, the Sikhs were driving a late model, silver, 3-series BMW.

Sikh drive-by shootings? No wonder Bush is having a hard time convincing Americans about more immigration.

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