Bush Returns To Vomit On Amnesty, Legal Immigration
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Like a dog returning to its vomit, President Bush is again pushing his "temporary worker" amnesty scheme, and even with the great cloud of obfuscatory rhetoric about border security, clear evidence of Beltway panic that the immigration issue is breaking loose Out There in the country, it's eerie to see how he simply cannot keep his immigration enthusiast obsessions in check.

President Bush's new buzzword for his temporary worker program appears to be "comprehensive immigration reform". Once again, he describes this as "a legal way to match willing foreign workers with willing American employers to fill jobs that Americans will not do"- with no mention of price. And, once again, he made this proposal with no suggestion of reforming the Fourteenth Amendment's citizen child clause, although the ability of illegals and "temporary workers" to have "anchor babies" means that any attempt to remove them is a practical impossibility.

Let's repeat that again: you can't have a temporary worker program unless birthright citizenship is abolished.

I found this obsessive tic particularly interesting: The President said "I support the number of — increasing the number of annual green cards that can lead to citizenship" . He's saying he wants to increase legal immigration. Increase it.

It's nice that the Beltway is in panic and that immigration patriots are getting rhetorical concessions. But quite obviously the political class is still nowhere near conceding the substance of victory, or even understanding the argument.

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