Budget Question—Why Does The U.S. Have 57,080 Troops In Germany?
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Everybody is talking about cutting the budget.

So, why does the U.S. have 57,080 troops in Germany? What is their mission, anyway?

The only explanation I've ever heard was at a conference in 1999, where General William Odom explained that we kept garrisons in Germany and Britain to prevent war from breaking out between France, Germany, and/or Britain. I thought that was ... interesting, but I've never heard anybody else say it. But then I've never heard anybody else say any other reason why we still have all these bases guarding the Fulda Gap.

I mean, we only have 32,803 troops garrisoning Japan. Why not cut the number of U.S. troops in Germany to the same number as in Japan?

Okay, I know, that's just crazy talk. Forget I ever brought it up.

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