Bruce Bawer On The National Question—Trump Was Elected Because "America Belongs To Its People "
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American-born but Norway-resident writer Bruce Bawer is described as follows at Wikipedia:
Bawer was one of the first [homosexual] activists to seriously propose same-sex marriage, notably in his 1993 book A Place at the Table, and his 2006 book While Europe Slept was one of the first to skeptically examine the rise of Islam in the Western world.
Before Norway, Bawer lived in Holland, having moved from New York City to Amsterdam in 1998.  Early in While Europe Slept, he describes how living abroad made him appreciate American society more—especially as a homosexual, he had been alienated from some aspects of life in the U.S.

Strikingly, in a piece at American Thinker several days ago [The WaPo vs. David Horowitz, June 11, 2017] Bawer wrote:

These issues, which propelled Trump into the presidency, can be summed up in a single statement: that America belongs to its people, and that its government's chief obligation is to those people's well-being and security, not to foreign governments or foreign companies or would-be immigrants (especially illegal ones).
"America belongs to its people"!  That's a new statement of the underlying theme here at, what we call "The National Question."
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