British Troops in Afghanistan vs. Taliban with West Midlands Accents
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The war in Afghanistan continues, and the British have been with us there since the beginning. Just the other day three British soldiers were killed by a roadside bomb in Helmand Province. Since 2001, when we invaded Afghanistan, 148 British soldiers have died there. But besides the British Army, another "British" contingent is deployed in country. That force consists of thousands of British-born Muslims who have gone to Afghanistan to fight for the Taliban.

The UK's "Daily Star" reports in its article "4,00 Muslim Brits Join Taliban" that

THOUSANDS of British-born Muslims have joined the Taliban in Afghanistan. UK troops say they are facing a mini civil war as more Brits head out to fight for the enemy.
One of the reasons they discovered this was listening in to Taliban communications and hearing West Midland accents:
Senior officers said British-born Muslims from the West Midlands and Yorkshire have travelled to Helmand province and other parts of southern Afghanistan. Interception of Taliban communications has revealed the sound of jihadists speaking with West Midlands accents. One senior military source said: ”It is the Punjabi and Kashmiri Urdu speakers who fall back into English in, for example, Brummie accents. ”You get the impression they have been told not to talk in English but sometimes can’t help it.”
The term Brummie, refers to the the accent of Birmingham, in England's West Midlands . That's how they figured out that speakers of Brummie and other regional dialects were in the Taliban.
Brigadier Ed Butler, the former commander of the British forces in Afghan-istan, said: ”There are British passport holders who live in the UK who are being found in places such as Kandahar.” Robert Emerson, a security analyst, added: ”There is ample evidence British Muslims trained in camps in Pakistan. ”What is emerging now is a picture of them being more active in Afghanistan, either providing support and logistics or in active service.”
A Conservative party politician was quoted by the article:
Tory MP Patrick Mercer, chairman of the Commons’ sub-committee on anti-terrorism, which has been examining the activities of British Muslim extremists, said: ”We know the problem we have with UK-based jihadists. ”With the UK intelligence services at full stretch, it is not surprising some of these ended up in Afghanistan.”
Well, yes indeed, MP Mercer. But you might take it a step further and ask why there are so many Muslims in the UK to begin with, and why even many British-born Muslims are more loyal to the Taliban than the UK. How about bringing that up in the House of Commons?
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