British Math Quiz: “Mohammed Finished University With A Student Loan Of £14,000…”
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London's Telegraph wants to know if readers can pass Britain's "new core maths test." (The British say maths where American say math.)

Here is one of the questions:

Mohammed finished university with a student loan of £14,000. He started work with a salary of £19,000 per year. After one year, he had a pay rise of £1,500. At the end of each full year of work: ? 9 per cent of his earnings above £16,365 go towards paying off his loan. ? Interest of 1.5 per cent of the outstanding amount is added to his loan. Q: How much will Mohammed still owe on his student loan after 2 full years of work?[ Quiz: Could you pass the new core maths test?, by James Connington, June 7, 2015]
Muslims have so thoroughly enervated once-mighty Britain that even its math tests must include questions about "Mohammed."

Here's a better one more likely to reflect the pursuits of a "Briton" named Mohammed.

When he was 22 years old, Mohammed planned to kill 100 British infidels annually for the next 20 years to reach a goal of 2,000 by age 42. Before embarking on this endeavor, he traveled to Iraq to join ISIS for five years. After murdering 500 Syrian Christians during his service to ISIS, he returned to England with his four wives and 13 children. After getting a job with the National Health Service to support his big family, he only had the time to kill 22 infidels the first year, 38 infidels the next year, and 75 infidels during the two years after that. Mohammed killed his first infidel at age 27. How many infidels will Mohammed have to kill annually in the remaining years to reach his goal — 2,000 by age 42?
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