British Exit From EU Would Slash Immigration Levels
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The so-called European Union is actually an anti-European Union. A common defense of the European Continent makes sense, but the European Union actually makes it impossible for nations besieged by "refugees" to defend themselves. The situation is akin to the federal government telling states they cannot enforce immigration law because it is solely a federal responsibility, and then refusing to enforce immigration law.

Luckily, European nations can solve the problem by getting out of the EU. And if Britain does that, it will dramatically slash immigration.

A British exit from the European Union could cut net migration to Britain by 100,000 a year, according to a new study.

In the first analysis of a potential ‘Brexit’ on immigration levels, the pressure group MigrationWatch UK, said a ‘No’ referendum vote could cut numbers coming here “substantially”.[ UK immigration policy outside the EU, MW 371 (PDF)]

Exiting the EU would allow the British Government to impose visa requirements on migrants from the rest of Europe and allow in only skilled workers, it suggested.

[Brexit would cut net migration to Britain by 100,000 a year, claims new reportby David Barrett, Telegraph, January 27, 2016]

Leaving would allow Britain to decide just what kind of people it wants in the country.
A ‘Leave’ vote would allow ministers to introduce a “more effective regime” which would effectively bar low-skilled workers coming to Britain by setting new requirements for qualifications and experience in order to win a visa, it said.
A date for a referendum on the European Union has not been decided, but it may come as early as this year. As with all issues, this is fundamentally about cheap labor. Look for an unprecedented campaign to keep the UK in the EU backed by astounding amounts of cash.

As always in these kinds of battles, the money is on the other side. And that's simply because the companies who benefit from open borders don't want to have to pay their own people a decent wage.

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