Britain: Shock at Job Displacement
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Sometimes you have to wonder what the suits in government are smoking. Just what did the bright bulbs in big offices think would happen when they opened Great Britain up to hundreds of thousands of Poles and others willing to work cheap and be exploited? Honestly!
Half a million fewer Britons are in work following the unprecedented influx of migrants from Eastern Europe, it was disclosed last night.

MPs said the figure demolishes the Government's claim to be providing 'British jobs for British workers'. [...]

Earlier this month, the Statistics Commission said 1.4million workers born abroad had taken jobs in Britain since 1997 — up to 81 per cent of the 1.7million new jobs for people of working age. [500,000 fewer Britons in work following influx of Eastern Europeans, Daily Mail, Dec 28, 2007]

The government is pleading jaw-drop stupidity:
[Labour Minister Frank Field] said: "We could have stopped Polish and other Eastern European workers coming when their countries joined the European Union.

"But we didn't because the Home Office said there would be only 5,000 to 13,000 a year. This is clearly damaging the British labour market and British unemployed people are not moving into work.'

The other possible reason for implementing this very hurtful policy is the globalist desire to provide business with slave-cheap labor. But either way, the average British citizen is screwed when looking for honest work.

How familiar is that?

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