Britain: Hostile Islam Wins Another Round in War against Free Speech
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The speed by which an invasion of hostile immigrants can destable a weakened nation is sobering. A few decades ago, in 1940 Britain heroically stood alone in Europe against the Nazi fascists running roughshod over the continent. Now the same nation cowers pathetically in the face of its local Muslim unfriendlies, hoping that a moderate amount of surrender of Western values to Islam will suffice.

Hint: surrender never works. As Winston Churchill presciently observed, “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.” The appeaser does get gobbled up at some point, because the Islamic crocodile is an eating machine.

The latest symptom of Britain’s failing culture was its refusal of elite rulers to admit Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller for the purpose of participating in a wreath-laying to honor British soldier Lee Rigby beheaded on a London street by jihadists. Both authors received a letter from the Home Secretary informing them they were barred from entering.

These days, Muslims work to conquer one neighborhood at a time, using their increasing numbers as a weapon of intimidation. Areas of London are no-go zones for English people, where jihadist gangs patrol to enforce sharia compliance against unveiled women, recognizable gays and any sign of alcohol consumption. London is no longer majority white because so many English people have fled the city in the face of such extreme immigration.

The negative milestones keep accumulating in Britain, which should indicate to any intelligent observer that Muslim immigration is the worst public policy ever. Continuing weakness on the part of official Britain only feeds and encourages the beast.

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