Brimelow On Free Republic Fracas
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William Gheen’s denunciation of the laughably misnamed Free Republic is gathering much support. Here he has posted a good compendium of Bulletin Board discussions (scroll down). Save Our State puts the situation well too.

Personally, I concluded that there was something odd about FRmeister Jim Robinson within a few months of VDARE.COM’s launch. It became apparent he was banning posts and posters using VDARE.COM material. This despite our never having used profanity or advocating violence.

In his only emailed explanation, Robinson claimed that a Steve Sailer article on the need for the GOP to mobilize its white base was “clearly racist.” Ironically, this is exactly how his hero George W. Bush actually won in 2004.

I never look at FR, but VDARE.COM readers who do report a real crackdown on immigration opponents—right in time for Bush’s crazy liberalization legislation.

I used to think that Robinson was simply an egotistical fool. Now, with the revelation of Bush White House subsidies to media supporters, I naturally wonder if more is involved.

Many of the low-wattage types on the FR thread on Gheen’s article parrot the view that FR is Robinson’s property and therefore he can do what he wants.

Sure—and a bar owner can call his establishment “Free Drinks!” and then charge. It’s still dishonest.

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