Rally against Ground Zero Mosque a Great Success
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In New York City, June 6 (a date chosen for being D-Day) was observed by a rally against the construction of a territory-marking mega-mosque near Ground Zero. Organizers Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer expected a turn-out of 500 or so, and were thrilled when more than 10 times that number showed up.

Below is a shot of the crowd…

Looking at the Left has some great photos: Stop the Mosque.

Robert Spencer, the director of JihadWatch, pointed out that the man behind the mosque does not have a history of promoting tolerance, but instead is an anti-American sharia subversive:

Danish activist Anders Gravers founded Stop the Islamization of Europe, the model for Stop the Islamization of America, which organized Sunday’s event:

There are additional videos at No Mosque at Ground Zero, as well as on Urban Infidel which also has many fine photos. The People’s Cube has dozens of pictures with the usual attitude.

There was no coverage on the big cable news channels that I saw, but the CBN put on a very affecting piece…

Thousands Protest NYC Ground Zero Mosque, CBN, June 7, 2010

More than 5,000 people from all over the United States gathered in the Big Apple to protest the building of a 13-story mega-mosque two blocks from Ground Zero.

Organizers say the man behind the mosque — Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf — is not the man of peace he claims to be.

”He says he advocates for tolerance, but in his book he advocates for Sharia law which is radically intolerant,” said Pamela Gellar, who leads the organization Stop Islamization of America. ”We have no idea where the funding is coming from. We know his father built an Islamic Center on 96th street and was funded by 49 Muslim countries. Who’s funding this $50 million monster? We want to know.”

Several members of families who lost loved ones in the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001, were among the protestors. They displayed photos of their family members who died. They said building a mosque so close to their loved ones graves is an insult.

”This is my only son,” said Eileen Tallon, who lost her son in the attack. ”He was a firefighter and he went into rescue people that day. I’m upset about the building of the mosque, because Muslim terrorists murdered my son and 3,000 Americans at this site.”

”Such was the violence on 9-11 that my brother’s remains were never found,” said Christina Regenhard said. ”He was killed by Islamist and now they want to build a mosque on his grave. Their victory will be complete.” […]

The proposed mosque is slated to be built in the old Burlington Coat Factory building, just 600 feet from where the towers fell. Mosque supporters say their hope is to bring something good out of 9-11.

But for people like Lee Henson — who lost his son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter that day — a mosque near Ground Zero is unacceptable.

”They were on United Airlines Flight 175,” Henson said. ”My son called, he said, ”Don’t worry Dad — it’ll be quick.’ I heard ”Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God’ — then I looked at the TV screen and saw the plane hit the tower.”

Of related interest is the fascinating photo essay by El Marco, Prayer Time at the Ground Zero Mosque, showing the building which is now a scruffy-looking mosque (where diverse worshippers wash their feet in the street), located next to a saloon, to be remodeled into something far more grand by wealthy jihadists.
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