Human Rights Advocate Discusses Muslim Immigration in Norway
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The Norwegian author and human rights activist Hege Storhaug is currently visiting Canada to speak in Ottawa June 8 to the Free-Thinking Film Society. She will give a talk with Bruce Bawer titled The Problems of Immigration in Europe.

She sat down for an interview with the Vlad Tepes Blog to discuss Muslim diversity.

In the 1990s Storhaug traveled all over Pakistan, even to the tribal areas. She would routinely bicycle around Islamabad at that time. She reports that it was shocking to feel the lack of freedom during her recent visit, compared with only a few years ago because of increased Islamization. Her friends told her not to leave the city because of safety concerns.

Even so, she would rather stay in Islamabad than Rosengaard, a section of the Swedish city of Malmo, known for its hostile Muslims. She thinks it will be about 10 years for a Rosengaard-like neighborhood to form in Oslo.

When asked about safety for women now that so many Muslims live in Scandinavia, she replied, There is no doubt that the freedom, the level of freedom I had as a young woman, young women in Norway will not have, and dont have actually today and they will not have it in the future, as far as I can see. So the freedom for women in Europe is going backwards.

Girls in school, they are mocked by Muslim boys and the dye their hair black, yes. Blondes are dying their hair black, that is correct. And some of them also move to other parts of Oslo to be let alone.

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