BREAKING NEWS IN KNOXVILLE!: New Judge Hears "Little Birdies" Talking to Him
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By David in TN

Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood has—again—granted new trials to all four defendants in the Knoxville Horror. Knox County Deputy District Attorney General Leland Price has responded by asking Blackwood to step down. According to Price, Blackwood says "little birdies are putting thoughts in my head."[DA: Judge Blackwood wrong to order new Christian/Newsom trials, should step down, cites 'little birdies',     By Jamie Satterfield,, June 4, 2012]


Blackwood is acting as if the recent state Supreme Court ruling never happened. No hearing is to be held.


N.S. Yet another insane judge in Knoxville. Is someone pumping something funny into the ventilation at the Knox County Courthouse?

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