Breaking News!! California High School Exit Exam Invalid!
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No English? No Math? No's a diploma!

An Alameda Superior Court judge just issued a temporary injunction against the California High School Exit Exam saying it discriminates against poor students and those who don't speak English.

Full story (here)

The State of California has graduation standards—a student must be proficient in math at the 8th grade level and in English at the 10th grade level or they do not qualify for a high school diploma.

Apparently, it was unreasonable to expect students to demonstrate proficiency at the 12th grade level and now we have no right to expect any proficiency at any level.

I will post more on this story later this evening—check back for updates.

**UPDATE** California State Superintendant of Schools Jack O' Connell will be holding a press conference shortly where he is expected to announce his intention to appeal the decision. O' Connell wrote the original Exit Exam legislation back in 1999 when he was a State Senator.

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