Bounce Over? Romney's White Share Stalled at 56% (Rasmussen); 54% (Rand)
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Ramussen's three-day tracking poll for Sunday, the first to reflect the three days after Wednesday's debate, shows Romney ahead of Obama by just two points, 49-47. That's down a point from Saturday. Rasmussen's Platinum Members [subscribe here] have access to the cross tabs, which reveal that Romney's share of the white vote is unchanged since Saturday at 56%.

Other new tracking polls: Ipsos/ Reuters (Romney 45%-Obama 47%); Gallup (Romney 46%-Obama 49%); Rand (Romney 45.1-Obama 48.95). All of these polls include pre-debate data. Only Rand releases a racial breakdown: it shows Romney ahead among whites by just 54-40.

In other words, Romney is still stuck with about the same white share that McCain got in his (losing) 2008 campaign. Romney's much-vaunted debate performance made no particular appeal to whites and accordingly they do not seem to have been particularly swayed in his direction, compared to minorities.

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