Boston: Diverse Heroin Dealing Is Not Being Fought Effectively
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The opioid epidemic has been blamed on overuse of painkiller drugs and the doctors who over-prescribe them. But it turns out there’s an illegal alien connection to that social ill along with so many others.

A recent report from Boston found that 65 percent of those arrested for selling heroin, morphine and synthetic opioids were foreign born, with many being Dominicans. More diversity in drug dealers is not what America needs. Worse, Boston officials still don’t understand that illegal immigration is a big part of the problem.

Tucker Carlson recently discussed the issue with Boston radio guy Howie Carr:

TUCKER CARLSON: Howie, this seems to me as a layman to be another indication that maybe there’s a connection between our immigration policy and our drug problems.

HOWIE CARR: Absolutely, Tucker, this has been a very big issue as you said, not just in Massachusetts but in all of New England. Donald Trump ran around last year during the Republican primary in New Hampshire talking about this. Two of the local governors, Republicans, Chris Sununu in New Hampshire and Paul LePage in Maine have publicly blamed the epidemic of heroin largely on illegal alien or alien drug dealers, and of course they’re accused of racism, nativism, xenophobia, but this report from the City of Boston Police Department — it’s an official document — makes it clear that they’re on to something, that this is the problem.

And what makes it even more more interesting is that we have a mayor in the city of Boston who has offered to turn City Hall into a sanctuary for illegal aliens while at the same time he runs around the city railing against the heroin epidemic that’s killing his constituents, and it’s being perpetrated by the people he wants to protect, and at the Statehouse in Boston they’ve cracked down on physicians legally writing prescriptions for legal opioids, claiming that most of the problem is physicians over-prescribing vicodins or percocets for grannie. That’s just that’s just not the case. Maybe it used to be the case, but no longer.

CARLSON: People are totally paralyzed in positions of power by the fear they’re going to be called insensitive. They’d rather see their people die than be called insensitive.

Spare audio:

Unfortunately, diverse Dominican drug dealing has not elicited a realistic response from law enforcement, as observed by Tucker Carlson. Protecting illegals remains a top value for Boston Mayor Marty Walsh in particular:

Police: Dominican Immigrants Dominate Heroin Trafficking In Boston, Daily Caller, May 21 2017

Dominican drug trafficking gangs dominate the balance of heroin distribution in Boston, according to a new report from the Boston Police Department.

The Boston Regional Intelligence Center (BRIC), a Boston Police division that also receives funding from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), released the “2016 Heroin Overdose Report” Tuesday to provide data on trends in opiate use in the city.

An analysis of arrest data for Class A drug trafficking — selling heroin, morphine and synthetic opioids — revealed the majority of individuals arrested in 2016 in Boston were not U.S. citizens, and most of those non-citizens were Dominican foreign nationals.

Of those arrested for Class A trafficking, 65 percent claimed to have been born in a foreign county. Within that group, 84 percent told police they were from the Dominican Republic. The share of heroin trafficking arrests attributable to Dominican nationals is likely even higher, the BRIC report says, because illegal immigrants from the Dominican Republic often use fake Puerto Rican birth certificates to obtain state identification documents.

“There has been open source reporting that Dominican drug traffickers will use identities stolen from Puerto Rico to acquire drivers licenses in Massachusetts, and in other states,” the report said.

Identity fraud exploiting Puerto Rican nationality is a major facilitator of heroin distribution in Boston, according to the BRIC report. In particular, Dominican nationals were suspected of using Puerto Rican identity documents or aliases to mask their true country of origin and lack of legal status in the U.S.

“In 59 percent of the cases where the suspect listed Puerto Rico as their place of birth, there were signs of identity fraud or use of aliases. This would suggest that heroin trafficking in Boston is largely controlled by Dominican drug organizations,” the report concluded.

Overall, signs of identify fraud were present in 44 percent of all arrests in 2015 and 2016 when the suspect listed a place of birth other than the U.S.

Massachusetts Republican Gov. Charlie Baker and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh have both launched efforts to combat opioid abuse and addiction, but they have resisted the Trump administration’s strict enforcement of immigration laws and expanded detention and removal of illegal aliens.

Boston was one of five Massachusetts cities DHS singled out in March for not honoring federal immigration detention requests, and Walsh has previously pledged to house illegal immigrants in Boston City Hall to shield them from federal agents.

He also lauded a California judge’s decision in April that temporarily halted President Donald Trump’s executive order to withhold funding from sanctuary jurisdictions, claiming that such cities “have the Constitution on our side.”

“In Boston, there is no dollar amount that would ever change our essential character of inclusiveness of all people,” Walsh said.

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