Borders Blamed for Prostitution
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Is there no end to the social ills spawned by Americans' stubborn attachment to borders and sovereignty?

The lawyer for a major hooker entrepreneur pointed out another problem that can be blamed on citizens' rejection of a border-free planet.

Balderas-Orosco, 34, pleaded guilty to federal charges of transportation for prostitution, importation of illegal aliens, importation of illegal aliens and conspiracy to smuggle, transport and harbor illegal aliens. He faces a maximum prison sentence of 30 years.

Balderas' lawyer, Kristin Etter, said case was a symptom of a broken immigration system. With limited opportunities for immigrants to come to the U.S., some "are pushed into this underground economy and forced into these kinds of jobs," she said. [Man pleads guilty to smuggling women for prostitution, AP 2/10/07]

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