Border Inspector Disregarded TB warning
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Greg Bluestein and Devlin Barrett write at Associated Press:
A globe-trotting Atlanta lawyer with a dangerous strain of tuberculosis was allowed back into the U.S. by a border inspector who disregarded a computer warning to stop him and don protective gear, officials said Thursday.

The inspector has been removed from border duty.

The individual in question is in fact a US lawyer. I bet that he doesn't even get disbarred over risking the health of lots of people.

The insecurity at the border is just plain scary. The US needs reasonable security even it if means applying much heavier fees to a variety of visas and curtailing immigration.

This guy is the first to be quarantined forcibly since 1963. I find it strange that the government's disregard for the economic health of the nation coincided with disregard for the physical health of the nation.

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