Bookstore Abundance
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As has pointed out already, it's a great summer for immigration books, with several new titles appearing (see Exhibit A , Exhibit B).

Another book is the updated edition of Fighting Immigration Anarchy, recently republished by a new house, Rooftop Publishing.

Cover - Fighting Immigration Anarchy

I reviewed the original last year in The View from the Activist Front Lines, in which I marveled at the book's balance of expressing both danger and hope, as it seamlessly interwove need-to-know immigration facts within engaging stories of patriotic Americans. (One of the subjects is VDARE's own Renaissance man, Joe Guzzardi: one-time California gubernatorial candidate, patient English teacher to immigrants and champion competitive baker.)

The new edition has 40 added pages, with more information about the Minutemen and a whole chapter on the North American Union scam.

The backbone, however, remains the unique focus on individual citizen-activists who have successfully pushed this issue to the political front burner after years of denial by those who profit from open borders.

Show your support for immigration literature by purchasing as many of these fine titles as possible. Strong sales figures for the subject will be another indication to the elites that this issue is not going away. Plus, books make wonderful presents for friends and relatives who need guidance. And curling up with a good book remains one of life's great pleasures.

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