Bonus to Musk’s Buying Twitter: Fired H-1B Employees Might Be Deported
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Even if Elon Musk doesn’t make Twitter the fortress of free speech that everyone expects, his purchase might deliver one good result. His plan to cut costs with massive firings will likely mean that more than 200 H-1B visa workers will be deported.

How many of Twitter’s woke employees are foreigners isn’t clear; the numbers range from 250 to more than 600:

Elon Musk’s cost-cutting plans may have left hundreds of Twitter employees on high-skill work visas on a countdown to deportation.

At least 250 Twitter workers appear to be employed on H-1B visas, according to official records, and now face an uncertain future.

And according to analysis of US Citizenship and Immigration Services data by the National Foundation for American Policy, that number could be as high as 670, or 8% of the company pre-cuts, Forbes reported.

[Hundreds of Twitter employees on H-1B visas fear being deported if Elon Musk fires them, by Ryan Hogg, Insider, November 6, 2022]

Half the company’s staff of 3,700 will lose their jobs, which likely means that some of those who get the pink slip will be cheap-labor foreigners [Elon Musk’s Twitter has identified thousands of employees who will be laid off, representing about 50% of the company’s workforce, Business Insider, by Kali Hayes, November 2, 2022].

“Let them experience the same shock Americans experience after losing their jobs thanks to outsourcing and #h1b,” White Collar Workers of America tweeted.

Indeed. And those banned from Twitter for “offensive” tweets might like to know how many of those who decided the tweets were offensive were H-1B employees from countries with no history or understanding of free speech.

Recall the words of Twitter’s former CEO, Indian immigrant Parag Agrawal: “Our role is not to be bound by the First Amendment.”

Whatever the answer, it appears that greedy, grasping, foreign workers who hate this country and the Historic American Nation might be less of a problem on the platform. If that’s the only thing Musk accomplishes, his takeover will have been worth it.

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