BNP's Nick Griffin elected to European Parliament
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Opening another chapter in an extraordinary political Odyssey, British National Party leader Nick Griffin was elected to the European Parliament this evening, bringing the BNP’s gains to two. EU elections: BNP's Nick Griffin wins seat in European parliament Martin Wainwright 8 June 2009

In a classic case of the hysterical silliness with which the British political Establishment has dealt with this manifestation of democracy

There were furious scenes at the declaration… When Griffin's turn came to speak, all the other candidates took the unprecedented step of walking off the platform in protest.

As J.Paige Staley pointed out here last month

BNP membership–that is, membership in a democratic and legal political party–is grounds for local governments to sack police and teachers. In the fall of 2008 the party membership list was leaked, and many such firings occurred.

The authorities have also tried to suppress Griffin under the UK’s scandalous hate speech legislation.

More such fun can be anticipated.

The United Kingdom Independence Party, a blander anti-European Union party also did very well, more than holding the gains it surprised conventional opinion by making in 2004.

Altogether a good evening for those of us who believe, as Alexander Solzhenitsyn said in his Nobel Prize speech

Nations are the wealth of mankind…the very least of them wears its own special colors and bears within itself a special facet of God’s design."

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